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Friday, September 30, 2005

..Program Latihan Khidmat Negara
13th March 2005 ~ 25th May 2005
Kem Similajau, Bintulu...

Similajau.. 13 March.. v depart fr KL to Bintulu and headed to Similajau campsite.. whoa.. excited.. 4 Sentosarians (my secondary school) were my 1st accompany... Au Yong Vin Yee.. Lam Poh Sze & Wong Wai Hon(Rex).. all fr. Alpha.. haha.. only me fr. Bravo..haha.. wat freak us out the 1st nite was this big bug~ flying everywhere, he length of ur tallman(3rd finger) & the width of 2 fingers.. which the Sarawakians named as "nga chi".. haha.. the 1st day was chun.. v stayed in the room playing games.. Thx to the bugs who made us stay inside.. haha.. well.. that night was great..haha.. v eventually build up our 1st "KL-gang" which consist of..~me.. Boon, Vin Yee, Emily, Vivian ( she left at the end due to some BGR problems..)haha.. k.. then Ching Ling & PohSze(both of them left this gang too.. cz of the difference of topic~canclick in perhaps..;p) haha.. nvm.. Yen Xing ( left too, due to different company!! she the only 1 in Delta,... ) haha.. ;D.. towards the mid of the 1st month..Ee Chiew & Zhee Wei.. join us in the gang too.. haha.. fun.. all like sisters.. haha..wow..

My dorm is BP2.. the members are~ haha.. Hasliza(KL), Wani(KL), Diana(Kch-Iban Cina), Zhee Wei(KL), Ee Chiew(KL), Mastura(Kch-Iban Melayu), Lydia (Kch-pure Iban), Fadilah(KL), Lai Siat Chen(Kch-Chinese), mE(KL), Emily Liong(KL), Zoe Ting/Ah Sien (Bintulu-Chinese), Sammy Ting (Bintulu-Chinese), Jong Siaw Chin(Kch-Chinese).. haha..14 ppl altogether...!! Rocks.. our relationship are super duper close!! haha..

every Sunday.. if there's no discipline probs.. v are allowed to go to church.. i'm attending Emmanuel Methodist Church..(EMC)..there i get to know Justin, Rommel, James, Zhee Wei.. & Vin Yee... 6 altogether~ count me in!! others goes to the Chinese church.. haha.. not use to it , so i apply for an English Church!! haha..Towards the end.. when the Matric's & form 6 student went back.. i'm the only 1 attending this church.. so can't go la.. cz they won't purposely send 1 person to church only.. haha..so it was time i go lepak around the Btl's shopping Complex.. haha..

During Ching Ming holiday.. the Chinese were allowed to go out for 3 days.. Boon & me stayed overnight in Ting Ting's house.. ~ Thx Aunty & Uncle Huong~.. they bring us around Bintulu.. haha.. Fun!! played in the Bintulu's seaside.. haha..

Well, 1st month was physical module where v hav ~ marching(Cikgu Ramdan/Tiger),kayak & Rakit (Cikgu Johan), kembara halangan(KJ +Cikgu Bravo), kraf hutan(Cikgu Jong), tali tinggi(flying fox)~(Cikgu Azrul),Pertolongan Cemas(Cikgu Faizul), tali rendah(tarzan swing, balancing rope)(Cikgu Bravo),navigasi(compass, bearing, jungle tracking)(Cikgu Jonari)& TTS(Cikgu Iswandy~ FOKUS!!!)....haha.. fun..
Marching competition~ bravo's "heroin" got the 3rd..."hero" won the 2nd place!! haha..
kayak competition ~haha..4gotten i was not in.. haha..;p
kembara halangan ~Bravo's wirawati... JOHAN!! fooyo!! Wira 3rd..

Then v have sports carnival.. Basketball, Netball, Volleyball & Sepak Takraw.
Basketball ~Bravo's wirawati 2nd place... Wira 2nd..
Netball ~ Bravo's wirawati JOHAN!!! CHAMPION!! ~girls game.. haha
Volleyball ~ Bravo's both gender oso last place.. haha..;p
Sepak Takraw~ Bravo's wira JOHAN !!! CHAMPION!!! ~guys game... *chuckles* :D
*Bravo's wirawati basketballer consist of.. haha.. mE, Yusrina/Yuz, Zhee Wei, Ee Chiew,Kia Yong, Stella, Siaw Chin, Siew Hong,Josephine Ong,Sammy Ting,Grace is our Manager.. haha..

next "modul kenegaraan" there's Tun Teja, Tun Perak,Dato' Maharajalela, Rosli Dhobi, Parameswara,Mat Kilau, Tun Ali.&.Mat Salleh. I'm in Tun Teja.. lead by Cikgu Wati.. v hav malam persembahan ~ my grp presented song "Jalur Gemilang".. chun!! haha.. get the 4th place.. aha.. & v did a "bye bye presentation" for cikgu wati.. haha.. hav many projects suring this module which lasted for 2 weeks.. in this module.. i get to know Rommel, Peter Voon, Rudy(the Iban who can speak Chinese).. haha..Kan Sen(Wong Hei)..Siaw Ping, Li Ting,Pong Li,Annie, Yen Ping, Mee Chin, Lydia, Gracella, Umah, Jar Jar~Rosliza, Syazwan, Daphne, Stephanie Liaw, Desmond ...etc.. haha..v learn lagu Warisan..(thought by Cikgu Awang~KJ Kenegaraan)

v hav a special module.. "Kesusasteraan & Kebudayaan".. haha.. where v learn deklamasi puisi.. bla bla..haha.. i was chosen to deklamasi puisi.. haha.. "lucky" mE.. haha.. but indeed, it was fun.. haha.. lots of practices done.. haha.. the title of the puisi my grp presented is "Keranamu Malaysia" by Ahmad Sarju.. duration: 1 week..

Then it was module "Character Building".. I'm in Kump. 5..this module is kinda boring.. haha.. lead by Cikgu Azizan.. haha.. lots of rules in this module.. haha.. "cannot drink water in class".. this's the worst rule.. haha.. the best part of this module is to learn to juggle.. haha.. yeap JUGGLING!! haha.. ;p.. fun la..!! Get to know.. Siew Yuh.. my bez companion .. Jason, Lenny, Octivia,Raymond,Chris, Dedeng, Siew Hong, Jern Ru, bla.. bla.. haha.. lots more.. haha..

Lastly was "Khidmat Komuniti".. haha.. in kumpulan 6.. haha.. leader is Adam.. haha.. this was when i get to know Lyndy, Thenagaran(Chinese-speaking Indian), Ya Ming, Sharon, Ung Huat.. haha.. v went to Dewan Suarah, Rumah Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Bintulu, Rumah Warga Tua, Tumbina (TUMBuhan & BINAtang), BDA, & the best was Balai Bomba.. where v were thought to operate a fire rescue operation... each operation consist of 6 firemen/women.. haha.. so every1 was devided to a group of 6.. in my group.. Bomba 1~Adam.. Bomba 2~ me.. Bomba 3~ Lyndy..Bomba 4~ Ya Ming.. Bomba 5~ Ung Huat.. Bomba 6~ 4gotten the name.. not very close 1.. haha.. x-treme FUN!! haha..

on 25th May2005, KL ppl have to go home.. hmmm.. sad scene.. hugs & cries can b heard everywhere.. miss everyone.. that's our last day.. in the airport.. v salute our jurulatih fizikal.. whoa.. really sad.. haha.. i'll miss these 3 months of PLKN training.. guess everyone too.. haha.. MIZ ya guys!!! Similajau Rocks!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

memories of PLKN similajau!!!.. my fellow buddies.. miz ya guys.... rOCk$ 4eVa..
~viewers of this picture.. please DO NOT copy this picture 4 other uses.. Thank yOU.. ~

In d aeroplane..goin home... bYe.. PKN!! bYE similajau.. bYe u guys!!!

Ustad.. n us..

Encik Jeffrey..~Disiplin.. with..fr left.. Kat, Ling Li, Susan, Boon, Sou Hui, n Emily& mE at d back!!! bYe every1.. miz u guys alwaz..

Cikgu Milah n us in front of Bintulu's airport!!!

sAyonara my pals... toP.. Jern Ru, Jasmine, Siao Hong~ my Sinseh.. haha..., mE,Sharon,Mei Yan... look at their eyes.. full of tears.. it's a bye bye day.. every1 feel so sad!!! hmmm....

Front: mE.. Yuz..Yuk Moi, CHing Ling.. Back:Emily, Wan Yuet, Fen Nee

Tijan, mE, Stella, Emily, Boon, n 2 guys,, haha.. dunno d name!!

yO SteLLa..

Charlie dudes & Kan Sen.. wif 3 of us..

Beh Liang, n his fren.. haha.. wif 3 of us!!

Chris Yap.. Delta basketballer.. chun!! hahah..very geng too!!

Emily.. Albert (Yang Jia Jiang).. Michael Lau (Liu Jia Jiang).. haha.. basketball frenz!!

Rudy.. mY bez Iban fren!! can speak Chinese wan.. haha.. yeng!!!

Jeffrey Lau..no.7.. ppl alwaz call him that.. haha..

Ung Huat~Bomba 5!! haha..

Ya Ming.. Boon.. Emily.. Thena..

sELamat PAgi Tuan.. this's da main man in Kem Similajau!! haha.. Kem Komandan.. Major Sallaluddin Hussein.. think d spelling is something like that.. haha.. 4gotten liao.. haha..

mY mates of basketball+ing!!! haha..the "lemon" shape basketball!!haha..

cIkgU MilAH.. yeAh..

Cikgu Augustine..yeAH.. bAGus

wOw.. looK.. whO's on shoW??? haha..~Malam Kebudayaan & Kesusasteraan..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Alpha~ haha..

(celoreng) mE, Zhee Wei & Emily..in (PT 's shirt)~ Boon Yunn!! in BP2..(Bilik Perempuan 2)..haha.. cheeze!!

Zhee Wei!!..mashimaro!! haha..

Jasmine!!! Alpha's basketballer!! haha..buddy fren!

Irene Yek..!!

How Kee (left) & Poh Luan(right)~both in class uniform

oh Fadilah.. the Hip Hop Japanese-malay... haha..

Ee Chiew!!

Emily & Samson..

Kho Tieng Tieng ... & Boon!!

mY 1st fren in NS.. snap this photo in the airplane during our journey to Bintulu... cheese !!

Building sand castle.. haha...

yO!! mE. Boon.. Zhee Wei.. N Vin Yee!!

yEah! on the hill at Bintulu's seaside..

In Bintulu's seaside.. fun.. Boon & mE..

Thx Ting Ting.. for allowing us to spend our nights (during Ching Ming) in ur house & bringing us around Bintulu... lov ya lots.. muakz!! hey brother Huong.. miz ya ;)!!!

mY foster family.. Boon & mE stay in their house for 3 days.. Thx Uncle & Aunty Huong!!! most of all to dear Ting Ting!!

wha.. the gang.. haha.. Malaysia Rocks!! haha

A snap with Sammy (in Uniform) & our Ketua Bravo.. Shafiq(Mr. Tong).. haha.. Emily(in red).. haha.. cheeze

These are fr my secondary school~ SMK Sri Sentosa!! Fr left.. POh Sze.. Vin Yee, mE, & Wai Hon.. so glad v are in the same camp.. haha.. how lucky!! 3 of them in Alpha & me in Bravo.. haha..

Siew Yuh.. my buddy during character building module.. haha.. she's the only chinese in my sub grp.. haha..

Siaw Ping.. Li Ting.. & Grace..

i'm well prepared to go for a fly.. aha.. (flying fox!! ).. haha.. that's Penghulu Nazri!! our camp's penghulu.. Great voice..

Lyndy Wong... haha.. & Cikgu June.. in Rumah Kanak-Kanak Istimewa... whoohoo

Pg 1 of the National Service's notification letter.. the blue part is the bus ticket.. haha.. but i'm taking the plane so i din use the bus ticket!!

Lagu Khidmat Negara

Wira Wirawati Harapan Bangsa
Tiba Masa Kita Berjasa
Kita Sahut Cabaran
Bergerak Seiringan
Demi Mencapai Wawasan.

Kenali Rakan pelbagai Budaya
Selami Warisan Kita Yang Kaya
Bersama Bergandingan
Tiada Perbezaan
Kita Warga Malaysia.

Berkidmat Untuk Negara
Berbakti Penuh Setia
Satu Arah, Satu Jiwa
Satu Bangsa Malaysia.

Kami Wira Wirawati Negara
Kini Masa Kami Berjasa
Kami Sahut Cabaran
Bergerak Seiringan
Kami Pasti mencapai Wawasan

Kita Sahut Cabaran
Bersama Bergandingan
Berkhidmat Untuk Negara

notification letter.. 2nd page.. bla bla bla.. haha..

The certificate of paricipation!! whoa!!! cool.. SALUTE!!!

Long snake~phyton!!... picture in Tumbina too!! whoa!!!haha..